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United KINS

Because “Kicking is Not Soccer”

United KINS is the working name for our new training program for youth players in Grades K – 2.  It is founded on a program created by Georgia Soccer Director of Coaching Jacob Daniel.  The main objective is to promote and emphasize the skill of dribbling at the U5 – U8 age groups and discourage the aimless booting of the ball that is all too prevalent at these young ages.

When young players are conditioned to just kick the ball forward as far as possible, their skill development is stunted, making it harder for them to reach their true potential. Dribbling is the foundation and preparation for all the other fundamental skills of soccer, such as controlling, passing, and shooting. Laying the proper dribbling foundation at the youngest ages will enhance the players’ ability to improve all the soccer skills. No matter what level the players will end up playing, recreational or competitive, they will derive increased pleasure from the game if they can control the ball better and become more adept at manipulating it. The spectators will also enjoy the game more if they can watch players who exhibit skill and creativity.

The program’s second objective is to promote decision making by the players on the field and reduce their dependence on the adults for problem solving.

Players will work with Dallas United staff coaches at Academy training twice a week, and play an 8 game schedule in the Mid Valley Soccer League on Saturdays.

Players will receive training from professional, experienced soccer coaches, a training tee and game uniform.

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