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Ixtapa Skills Challenge

Dallas United and IXTAPA Family Mexican Restaurant have teamed up to bring iSoccer to Dallas.  iSoccer is free, fun, web-based training that you can take with you anywhere this summer.   You can participate wherever you are, if you have a ball and 20 minutes a day.

Here’s How:

  1. Register at www.iSoccer.org and enter team code #331117
  2. Take the iSoccer 6 assessment.
  3. Follow the training sessions sent to you by Dallas United coaches—you will receive feedback and support every step of the way
  4. Log your activity
  5. Watch your skills improve!

Take the iSoccer Six Assessment

The iSoccer Six is the place to start.  Keep the assessment relaxed. No need to be super precise.  We’re getting a baseline against which you will measure yourself again in a few weeks.  Just do your best!  You will see improvement if you do the work!

Download MP4 Video File

Download Printed Instructions

Download Score Card

Curious? Try It Now!

Danny Agee Has a Session That You Can Download Right Now!

Danny Agee

Here’s a basic session that will give you a taste of what iSoccer is like.

Download the video file and worksheet, grab your ball and go!

Download MP4 Video File

Download Printed Instructions